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Hands On Family Fun With Allessimo Puzzles

*This post is sponsored by Allessimo Puzzles. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Anyone else not a fan of electronics for kids? If I am in a room with someone asking this questions, my hand is FLYING in the air. When, and if, Keegan gets any screen time, he completely zones in on it and life turns into a literal nightmare (Yay, autism!). We decided that it really shows how none of them should have screen time and VERY limited television time. So, now what do we do with our free time? Lots of reading, outdoor play, board games and hands on activities. Which makes  Allessimo Puzzles a HUGE hit in our house.

Have you heard of Allessimo Puzzles before? If not let me give you a quick run down on their puzzles. Allessimo Puzzles are 3D puzzles that your children (or you) get to build and paint all on their own! All parts are included in each box, along with the directions, paint and paintbrush. There are tons of different buildable objects so everyone is able to pick something different! These puzzles are a perfect STEM activity for our home!

So how exactly do they work?

First thing, they are approved for ages 5 and up. Keegan is 5 and did require help building his puzzles. He was able to paint them completely on his own. Building them was very easy and a great way for me to get him to follow the directions and see the outcome of following directions. This can be a huge struggle for us with Keegan. With Autism, comes him wanting to do things his way or no way. Allessimo Puzzles is helping him realize that he does have to bend on this a bit.

So how are the pieces packaged?

There are typically 2 wooden boards in your box. The wooden boards contain cut out pieces that become your object when all put together. Our first one to do, was Keegan's favorite, a dinosaur! It was easy to follow the steps to connect all of the pieces and that brought our dinosaur to life! Allessimo Puzzles very obviously took their time creating these puzzles, making sure each one has pieces that perfectly fit together and end in an exciting masterpiece for the kids.

As if building your own 3D puzzles isn't exciting enough, it is paintable as well! I set up a white table cloth (I typically keep several of these on hand for projects), opened the paint, grabbed an old cloth and a cup of water and set the table up for Keegan to paint his Allessimo Puzzle. He LOVED it. It was funny to watch because he talked to himself as he painted, I thought it was the cutest act ever.

Once Keegan perfected his dinosaur, we set it up in his room for him to have on display for all of his visitors. His best friend, who doubles as our neighbor, came over and loved Keegan's creations. Keegan was so proud, he decided to give it to his best friend!! How ADORABLE is that?

RUNNN and get these! Even if you do allow screen time, they are perfect for any family and hands on activities that help with moto skills, patience and following directions, is a win for any family!!

Make sure you tag me on Instagram is your family creates their own Allessimo 3D Puzzles!!


Noturaverage Simple Ways To Make Self Care A Priority

Let's face it, sometimes as moms, when we are busy and overwhelmed, self care is the first thing we push to the back burner. Why do we do this? Why do fail to realize that putting ourselves last is really putting everyone else last as well. Our natural instinct, as care givers, is to put other people's needs in front of our own. What we don't realize is how we are hurting EVERYONE by doing this.

A mom who is extra tired, feeling down, unfit, eating unhealthy or mentally strained needs a refresh. Putting yourself first, in regulation, helps you have the energy and strength to take care of everyone else! Think of it this way, when you take the time to eat healthy foods that fuel your body and not fast food, how much better do you feel? I have to say, I spent many years not caring what I put into my body! I recently started making it a priority, in simple easy ways, and WOW! The change is insane.

So, I have decided to put together 10 super simple and attainable ways to take care of yourself. These are things you can quickly and easily do every day that will not only make you feel better emotionally, but help you physically as well.

1. As mentioned already, food is key! Really, I know processed foods and a quick bite when out seems like the simpler option. WRONG! These foods are harder for your body to digest! You are assisting in exhausting your self EVERYDAY you eat these foods. Two times a week, I meal prep EASY and healthy foods for myself. I procrastinated doing this for YEARS, why? Literally, pure laziness. I felt meal prepping took longer. I was so wrong and if you are living this way, you are too.

When meal prepping, I not only prep my lunches, but I pre-prep veggies for dinner and to go with my breakfasts!

2. Wake up early. Seriously? YES! I wake up before my kids every day! I sit down and make myself a daily to-do list or take a look at our weekly/monthly list and see what I can do to get it done. Crossing things off of a list is soooo satisfying for me (VIRGO here). If this isn't a huge deal to you, think of it this way, getting things done and seeing your progress is SO important for mindset. Trust me, starting your day off organized, will make you feel way better.

3. Daily affirmations are a real thing. Ok, Laura in the past, would read this and call whoever is writing this dumb. I am serious, that is how small minded and unbelieving I was in the power of positivity. WRONG again I was. Every morning, before the kids get up, after I work on my lists, I made a new list. This list is positive thoughts about myself and things I am thankful for. When everything is going wrong, which is all the time if you are me, it is important to remind yourself of these things. I do it daily to start off in the right frame of mind.

4. Make sure to get some sort of exercise in. This is a huge struggle for me. When I don't work out, I don't feel as good and being under a year in on a total hip replacement (leading to hives and autoimmune disease) has made this IMPOSSIBLE some days. Even on those days I try to do something, anything, to get myself moving a bit. When I am in a bad flare, I do just a bit of core work or arms only. Your workout does not have to be hours long and this huge sweat sesh! I try to get my workouts done in the morning when Payton is working, on his days off, we like to work out in the evening together. My workouts are SHORT. I do not over push my body because of my health issues, but I DO get it moving! Sometimes I do only a mile on the bike or treadmill. Some days I take the kids to the park and chase them around. I have to say, my favorite workouts are my kid free ones, but no matter what, I do SOMETHING.

5. Get up and get ready everyday. Do not sit in your pajamas, this will never help you feel motivated. Get dressed! It doesn't have to be fancy or special or anything. Some days, my getting dressed is yoga pants and a big shirt, some days its a super cute outfit. No matter what I get dress, I brush my hair, I do my makeup, I get ready! Trust me, this will make you feel so much better, even if you do not plan to leave the house.

6. Girl, Wash Your Face. No really, I know we all love the book, but I  mean this, WASH your face. Put lotion on every night. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, skin included. Make it a routine to wash the day away before bed every night and morning. You won't regret this one.

7. Speaking of the book, read it, and other books! You don't have to read for hours a day either. Just read a chapter, or a few pages, whatever you can do. Set your phone down and FEED your mind. It is so good to step away for a bit and get lost in a book. And no, it does not have to be a self help style book! I love mysteries and read them ALL the time!

8. Say "no" to people! This one is hard for me, REALLY hard for me. I naturally want to help everyone and it, at one point in my life, was impossible to say no to anyone. Maybe that is how I ended up on such an abusive marriage? Who knows. When I finally started loving myself and putting myself and my needs on the radar, I started finding it easier to say "no" when I just can't.

9. Have some alone time. I know all of you aren't stay at home moms like myself. I used to work full time (up until my hip replacement, April 2019) and even that was stressful and didn't give me time alone. The "away" time was full of work pressures. Time to yourself can seem impossible, I know, I don't even go to the grocery store alone anymore! But it doesn't have to be out of the house! Take a bath, get your workout in, wake up early, whatever you find the best way is, do it!! Even if it is just scrolling Pinterest alone for an hour!

10. LOVE YOURSELF. Let me say it again, love you! I don't feel I need to really tell you why this is important and I can't tell you how to do this. You have to find a way to realize just how amazing and special you are. DO IT!

So I know, 10 things to do everyday seems like a lot, right? It isn't. Some of these take just a few minutes. A few minutes that you will spend on Instagram (ME), a few minutes that you will sit in an unhealthy state of mind stressing (AGAIN, ME), a few minutes that you will blankly stare at the TV (ME, AGAIN). Take the time and DO IT! It takes 30 days to create a habit, make you your habit.


Noturaverage Easy and Delicious Oven Roasted Pears

Hey everyone!! Can we take a moment to talk about how excited I am for this recipe?! Oven roasted, dairy free, HEALTHY, oven roasted pears AND they are all organic! On top of that, these pears follow the Whole30 diet and are a simple and quick way to get a little treat **If you are in the 1st 30 days, they recommend NO honey, my Doctor did tell me she was okay with local/organic, but be advised!

So are you ready to make it for yourself?! I made a batch big enough for my entire family. So keep in mind, the recipe is for several people. Don't worry, they store well in the fridge and can quickly be reheated as a treat anytime of the day. 

First thing, preheat the over to 375 degrees and get an oven safe pan heating with 1/4 a cup of dairy free butter. I use Country Crock Plant Butter for mine. Heat over medium heat. While the butter melted, I got my pears ready.

I used 4 organic pears, I know there are several breeds of pairs and any kind will work. I cut each pear into 4 pieces, lengthwise. Don't forget to cut the ends off and take out any seeds.

Before adding the pears to your pan, add 4 tablespoons of honey. I always use only local honey and recommend the same to you. Local honey has so many benefits to your health and local economy.

Once your honey is added, put your pears in on one of the meat sides. Sear both sides for a few minutes then put it in the oven. Set a timer for 40 minutes. Half way through (at 20 minutes) flip your pears to the opposite meat side of your fruit.

With 10 minutes left, mix your yogurt up. I used an entire container (aprox 2 cups) of Forager Organic Dairy-Free Cashewmilk Yogurt (this particular one was on sale which was why I picked it). I like Cashew or Almond Yogurt. Measure your yogurt into a large bowl. Mince up a small handful of fresh mint leaves (it should come to about 2 tablespoons). Add the mint, 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of your local honey to the yogurt and mix well.

By now your pears should be done and looking like golden perfection. Doesn't your house smell like all things amazing?! Let your pears cool a bit and enjoy! I prepare my plate with the pears on the bottom and yogurt dripped over the top, it is better than ice cream. And garnish with a mint sprig (if entertaining).

Enjoy y'all! Thank me for this one later, trust me, you will!

- Laura

*** Again, if you are in the first 30 days of the Whole 30 diet, some people recommend NOT adding honey. You can easily make this with NO honey. If you opt to use honey, make sure you use organic, local honey! I did not ever cut this, I have terrible allergies and local honey is SO good for this!

My List Of Must Watch Netflix Orginal Shows

 Let's face it, if you don't watch Netflix, you must be living under a rock. I  mean who doesn't have a Netflix subscription? But what do you do when you finish your favorite series? Time to find a new one, trust me there are plenty to pick from.

Once I had caught up on all of my favorite TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Walking Dead), it was time to pick something new. I don't know about anyone else, but I NEVER know what to watch, literally. I always want to find something really good, but read titles and can't find something. When Netflix started making their own shows and movies, it broadened the to watch door so much, but now settling on something is even more difficult!

I decided to go through and compile a list of my FAVORITE Netflix Original shows! I watched tons, and tons of only originals to pick only my top FIVE favorites Netflix Originals! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

1. You

There was so much hype around this show, it took me awhile to buckle to watching a "fad" show. Boy was I missing out! This show will keep you drawn in and watching, never knowing what plot twist they will throw your way! This is by far my favorite Netflix Original Series to date.

Joe is the best kind of creepy, am I right? LOL. His "innocent" crushes and "sweet" behaviors will have you questioning every relationship you have ever had.

2. Stranger Things

When season 1 ended, I didn't think Netflix could top it. Ha, joke was on me. If you are one of the few out there who has yet to check out this Netflix Original, I suggest you change that as quickly as possible! Trust me on this, it is great, my older kids love it too!

Eleven may not be what we are used to watching, but definitely holds our interest throughout the entire show!

3. Mindhunter

As a Virgo who is highly detail oriented, I couldn't resist watching this. Netflix deserves a round of applause, because Mindhunter was amazingly written with detail lovers in mind while keeping twists and reveals at a maximum.

This one is based on a true story, so keep that in mind when watching!
4. The Witcher

With a Game Of Thrones original vibe, this is one you do not want to miss. From Episode 1 of this Netflix Original, I was hooked. When I first say it listed, I had expected The Witcher to be a "knock off" GOT. WRONG. The casting was excellent and the story was great, but you knew that from the books already, right?

5.  The Crown

I love movies and shows that are about this era, Queen Elizabeth II. Netflix didn't pull back at all on this one with a huge budget, the cast, wardrobe and effects are amazing. For anyone who loves this era, it is a must watch Netflix original!

I could go on and on and on. Netflix and their originals have only continues to get better and better, but these are my favorite 5 at this point in time.

Happy watching my friends!


Noturaverage Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

It is that time of the year again my friends! Super Bowl is upon us. If you have been reading my blog or following my Instagram for awhile, you know that we are HUGE football fans. In the past, chips and dip and some more unhealthy options have always been our go to. This year, that is changing. I know you are all aware of our cleaner eating goals so even on event days and holidays, we are trying to stick to it (we did decide to "cheat" on vacation).

I am going to share 2 of our game day recipes with you today. In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl, I will post more so you have multiple options and ideas for you and your guests/family.

The first one is a zesty bacon chip dipped in avocado! This one is my FAVORITE! This is a snack I could eat any day, literally. AS good as regular bacon chips are, I loved adding a little but of extra flavor to these. It offers and interesting twist without being too spicy or hot for the little ones. AND they are super easy.

For this one, I used Smithfield® Bacon and organic avocados. Start off by preheating your oven to 375 degrees and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper (I have used non stick foil as well). While your oven preheats, cut the bacon slices into 3 even smaller piece. In a bowl, mix together 1/3 C of lime juice, 1 Tablespoon of siracha and 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar and mix well. Lay your bacon pieces on your cookie sheet and coat with your mixture. Cook the bacon approximately 15-20 minutes. 

While the bacon cooks, get out a second dipping bowl. Cut, peel and deseed 2 large and ripe avocados and put in the bowl. Add 2 Tablespoons of lime juice (this helps with browning and give a good flavor), a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Mush and mix your dip. 

Your next snack is also made with Smithfield® meats. I used various lunch meats for this. I opted to use this brand because the meat has amazing flavor and doesn't fall apart. I laid out the slices and got out a block of almond cheese. I cute the cheese into string cheese sized pieces. We try to eat dairy free, if we didn't I would use precut string cheese. 

Now, just wrap your meat around the cheese pieces. It is as easy as that. If I was more motivated, I would have made a home made dip for these, but I didn't. I found a Vegan honey mustard in the salad section of my local grocery story. This was the perfect sweet. I even cross dipped some of the bacon chips in it!

If you make this be sure to tag me and let me know what you think!


Noturaverage Easy Whole 30 Salmon With Kale & Sweet Potato

As most of you know, I am working really hard at sticking to the Whole 30 diet this year. I have found with my autoimmune issues and hives, this diet is optimal and helps reduce outbreaks. I find I am better at sticking to a diet if I meal prep. So I ordered some reusable BPA free meal prep containers and made a plan!

This week, I prepped all of my lunches. I wanted to do it Sunday, but with Wildcard playoffs yesterday, I failed to do so. So this morning, I made it a priority to get everything all ready for me to stick to my lunches this week. 

So here is what I used for this weeks lunches. 5 small, peeled, Organic sweet potatoes. I diced them with 1/2 an organic diced onions. I cooked these together in a cast iron pan with County Crock Plant Based Butter and a bit of garlic Chosen Foods cooking spray. I sautéed them and then set aside. 

In the same pan, I sautéed 2 cups of organic kale and 2 cups organic spinach with the other half of the onion. As you can tell, I love onions! Adding them is optional, so if you aren't a fan, don't use them. I added about 2 tablespoons more of the plant based butter and sprayed more of the Chosen Foods cooking spray - garlic. 

While those were cooking, I got 4 pieces of wild caught Alaskan Salmon out. In a separate pan, I sprayed a bit of garlic Chosen Foods spray to the bottom of the pan and on top of the salmon. I then sprinkled salt, pepper, and dill on top of the salmon. I cooked it from frozen since I didn't dethaw it yesterday. I covered the man and cooked it on medium heat for about 16 minutes. 

Once everything was done, I put it all in my meal prep containers and they are waiting for me to start eating tomorrow! 

Next week, I plan to make 5 days worth on Sunday. Follow along for my new lunch recipes weekly. 


Why I want To Focus On Being The Same This Year

That is right my friends, this year my focus isn't about changing myself, it's about accentuating who 
I already am. 

2019 has gone down in the books as one of the hardest of my life. It started with a broken hip and ended with 3 broke down vehicles and an autoimmune flare up. We bought a house in April, the same month I had my hip replacement and the same month the kids were taken and the custody battle began. I have lived daily with hives and autoimmune issues since my surgery which triggered it all. Court has drug out all year and finances became a mess due to everything. 

2020, I have many goals for myself and my family. We can't wait to put this difficult year behind us and move forward, hoping for some closure to our custody case. Read on to see my year goals outlines. 


With how crazy life has been this year, getting our new home completely organized has been next to impossible. I feel like we kind of just put things places, not exactly where we want it. Does that make any sense. LOL! We have already spent the last few weeks starting this, but it is difficult with a family of 7. 

Chore Schedules

We believe in teaching the kids responsibility and accountability. They currently have chores, but I would like to tie down their schedule in it a bit more. They tend to be a bit lazy and sloppy with the things that they do. We are really trying to teach them to take care of things and take pride in what they have, chores and learning to take care of things is so important for that. 


A few months ago, I began seeing a holistic doctor for my hives and autoimmune issues. I found that modern medicine and doctors didn't want to take the time to actually heal within, it is covering things with prescriptions and blowing it off. My new doctor clarified the importance of diet. While following the Whole 30 diet, I found food plays into how I feel so much. My goals for the year is to really stick to this diet and be cautious of what I put into my body. 

Pay off debt

The funny thing about buying a new house and paying for attorneys, it costs. I really want to focus on paying off as much debt as possible this year and being more money cautious. 

Home Improvements

We had tons of stuff we wanted to do to our home, but that obviously costs. We got several of the lower cost things done, but would love to do some of the bigger things. The biggest would be to upgrade the fence on our property from chain link to wood. 

New Vehicles

I should clarify, new used vehicles. All of our vehicles are paid off, but like I said before, all have been having issues. Our mechanic came out and was able to do some small repairs to get 2 running ok for a while, but the bigger repairs cost more than the vehicles. We need to upgrade, but I refuse to have the payment that a new car brings. 


With a broken hip and a hip replacement, working out hasn't been the easiest. I want to really get into a fitness routine this year. I would also love to take more time to hike. 

Have More Fun

We try to do fun activities as frequently as possible, I would really like to find more time to do this not only just Payton and I, but with the kids too! Whether it is some things as small as a trip to the lake, or weekend getaway, I want it to be a priority. 

That is about it for now, but I frequently add goals to my list as time goes on so I am sure throughout the year, I will find several more things I would like to accomplish throughout the year. 


Noturaverage Grinch Brownies with Gluten & Dairy Free Option

For me, Christmas time means lots of baking. I grew up helping my mom make everything homemade from Santa cookies to pies and breads. Naturally, I have followed in her lead, but to the max. I begin baking just before Thanksgiving and don’t stop until New Years. It is my absolute favorite thing to do, I look forward to it all year and plan my recipes out during the “off season”.

This year I decided to make a new recipe that incorporates our year of bad luck into our Christmas treats. Grinch Brownies! They turned out even better than I had imagined so I ended up making multiple batches since the neighborhood kids are always hanging at our house. 

Most of you know that I try to eat completely gluten and dairy free and organic. I did incorporate that into this recipe by using organic, cage free eggs, gluten free flour and plant-based butter. The changes in my recipe turned out amazing. The flavor is wonderful! I found gluten free oreo knock offs at Sprouts, along with gluten free icing for the topping.

Throwing everything together was super easy and simple. I basically mixed dry ingredients separately and then combined it all. The first thing I opted to do was combine the butter and chocolate chips. The butter I used is Country Crock Plant Based.

Next, I mixed together the flour, salt and cocoa powder and set aside. I already had organic table salt and Simple Truth Cocoa powder. I did purchase extra Bob's Redmill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour, I already use this frequently so it wasn't a new product for me. 

Once that was done, I measured the hot water and espresso and mixed it up. I just set this aside while I combined the sugars and eggs. I used the store brand organic, cages free eggs. Beat this until it gets fluffy then add your other ingredients. Begin with the chocolate mixture, then the espresso and add the vanilla at this time. Last, combine the flour mixture to your brownie batter.  

I spread it in my pan (I actually used 2 small glass pans; size unknown, too lazy to measure). Make sure to grease these pans! Chosen Foods makes an amazing avocado spray that I use. It was perfect for the Grinch Brownies. I watched it closely in the oven (preheated to 350 degrees). It took 40 min to bake, keep in mind I am aprox 6,000 feet elevation so be sure to watch yours around the 30 min mark. 

Once the brownies had cooled, I added my white frosting to a bowl and mixed in a few drops of green food coloring. I found a good premade frosting at either Sprouts along with an oreo type cookies. Red hots were probably the most difficult thing to find. I found the good old sugar filled.. unhealthy version at Walgreens. 

ENJOY! Be sure to tag me if you make them!


DIY Pinecone Ornaments

I hope I am not the only one out there with a toddler who keeps breaking every ornament on the tree! I decided that I was sick of buying ornaments and figured the kids would enjoy doing some fun crafts, so we made our own.

We already had all the supplies which made it really easy! We have pine trees so pinecones are never a short quantity around here.
You will need -
- Thin ribbon
- Hot glue gun
- Pinecones
- Glitter paint
- Table cloth

I sent the kids outside to get a bunch of pinecones while I laid out the table cloth (our table was super not cheap, so I always but the cheap $1 table clothes from Walmart to protect it). One that was done, I cute a bunch of 6" ish pieces of ribbon and burnt the edge with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Once the pinecones were inside, I used the hot glue gun to loop the ribbon at the top of the pinecones. This easily creates a "hook" to hang the ornaments on my Christmas Tree. I used red ribbon which added a festive Christmasy effect to them that I love. The color you use is totally up to you though.

Next, I gave the kids the glitter glue (scary right?). They used their own creativity to give the pinecones some pretty effects. I did one "example" pinecone for them to see. The kids did some with all colors (red, green, gold and silver) and some with just a couple or only one. They all turned out really pretty.

Once the ornaments were dry, we hung them from out tree branches with our other ornaments. They are the perfect filler ornaments and give our home a really pretty pine tree effect. On top of that, the kids love that they made the ornaments themselves! I love being able to give them a chance to have some fun artwork to show off to their friends and family!

Let me know if you guys make them! I would love to see what your family creates.


Manscaped For Your Man Is The Perfect Gift

*The items in the blog were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Who struggles to find the perfect gift for that special guy in your life? I HATE Christmas, holiday, any type of shopping for Payton. I never know what he actually wants so I have tried to turn gift giving into something fun. I try to gift each small, funny gifts and experiences since we really both have everything that we need. We are lucky. 

When I heard about MANSCAPED, I knew it would be the perfect gift for Payton! When my package came in, it did not disappoint! Not only were all the products perfect, the humor is on point. Payton and I have the best sense of humor together and love laughs.

By now, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What the heck IS MANSCAPED?!” MANSCAPED is the #1 men’s below the belt grooming company out there! They have carefully created the right tools for the delicate job of keeping the “family jewels” look, smell and feel, fresh, healthy and clean. Thank goodness, right?!

Now let’s talk about what the sent us. We received what is called the “Perfect Package” (package, get it…hehe). It is jam packed with all sorts of goodies!

 The first item is the Lawn Mower 2.0. I’m sure you have the right idea for what this is and where you use it! The Lawn Mower 2.0 is a groin and body groomer with anti-nick SkinSafe™technology. The anti-nick technology prevents hair tugs, cuts and skin pulls on delicate man areas. I obviously can’t relate, but am sure this is a huge relief for any guy out there. This product was reviewed and raved about on Shark Tank as well. 

Next up, is Manscaped’s anti-chafing Crop Preserver ball deodorant. I am sure the man in your life uses deodorant on his armpits, but what about down there? Crop Preserver provides your man with up to 24 hours of Active pH Control, big must for Payton since fire fighting gets a bit hot at times. It hydrates while keeping him sweat-free, and funk free. I love that it is vegan and cruelty-free and contains no dyes, sulfates or parabens.

As if that isn’t enough to give us some giggles and him some grooming reassurance, our Perfect Package included more! Ball Toner, did you know that was even a thing? Just a few sprays, keeps him fresh and invigorated up to 24 hours. The Ball Toner is also vegan and cruelty free, containing no dyes, sulfates or parabens.

Last but not last, it includes packaging. Packaging for your man and for all his new goodies! Anti-chafing performance boxer briefs will have him living in luxury. Make sure to buy a few pairs because they will quickly become his favorite underwear! To go with that, the Perfect Package comes with a leather carry case for everything! It is perfect in size and SO dang soft. This makes it easy for travel and storage.

Join the Manscaped Movement and get 20% off + free shipping with the code "MOMOF5" at Manscape



Happy 1 Year Blogiversary To ME

One year ago, on this day, I made the jump from influencer to influencer AND blogger. I know it sounds silly, but it was a scary decision. I knew blogging would require more work, more time and in turn, more effort. It would require me to open up more. It requires me to be consistent.

The fact that people regularly read and visit my blog is such an amazing honor. To think that people take time out of their day and lives to see what I have to say! Wow, you guys, I am beyond humbled and grateful to every person who has managed to land on my page. 

I checked today and saw that I have 33 published blogs in my first year. I honestly hadn’t realized that I had written that many! I do wish that I had written more.

 I sent my payment and renewed my domain for another year. Another year of writing, sharing, learning and growing. Another year to connect, help others and simplify my thoughts. A year to hopefully write MORE than last. A year to outdo my previous year.

With my blogiversary and the New Year being so close together, I have decided to combine some of my resolutions to include my blog goals. Last year, I did this with Instagram Influencing and surpassed any goal I had imagined. This year, I plan to here, with my blog. 

Some of my goals are

1.    More recipes. You guys are aware that I am really working on my lifestyle and what I eat. I really want to start sharing how I am doing that and what I am eating

2.    My health. My health post hip replacement has drastically plummeted. I am hoping to share more of how I am tackling my health obstacles and what those obstacles are.

3.    Custody Issues. This past year I have been under court order to not share any details of our high conflict child custody case. This coming year, I plan to write, share and help others. Little did I know, our system is seriously flawed and so many people are out there struggling with situations similar to mine (custodial interference, lies, mental abuse, neglect).

4.    Amazing products. I will consistently continue to share all things that I love with you guys! Anything that helps make someone’s life easier is a win to that person. As a mom of 5, I have had my fair share of products that genuinely suck, my hope is to help people. I only share products and services that I would USE and pay for myself. I have many times tried products and opted to not share them if they are not up to my standards.

5.    Write more. I wish I could share everyday and maybe someday I will be able to. In the meantime, my goal is to write at least 90 blogs this coming year!

6.    Tips and tricks. I really want to share more of my life hacks and how we keep it together among the chaos.

7.    Listen more. I will be asking more in my Instagram stories for inspiration from you guys – what you want to read! You all sharing your thoughts and ideas mean the world to me and really keep me going!

I am sure I will think of so many more along the way! BUTTTT, this is a good start. 

Sharing my life is not always easy, but the support I have found and the people who say my words have helped them keep me motivated or really helps in anyway, keeps me writing even during the rough times. There is so much more I can't wait to share! Thank you all so much for your amazing support and all the love you give me!