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Must Have Lily Jade Diaper Bag

This post is sponsored by Lily Jade. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Hey Guys!

I want to talk diaper bags today! Finding a cute, functional diaper bag can seriously be a nightmare. Let's face it, we don't all want to wear Mickey Mouse around! And we don't all want a diaper bag that matches our babies and kids, not us. I have literally struggled through 4 kids with limited diaper bag choices and purchased a million because the quality is just never up to par!

With Rhett, I knew that I just had to have something better than what I had used before. I was sick of carrying a diaper bag and purse around and trying to track down 5 kids! I needed something that would HOLD all of the necessities that a mom of 5 has to carry around. AND I wanted to make sure that it was good quality and actually accentuated my outfits. Why does being a mom have to look like a drag?

Imagine my happiness when I found Lily Jade! Guys. I have been eyeballing mother's carrying similar bags, wondering what amazing bag they were carrying. I finally spotted Lily Jade on Instagram and knew one of their bags was exactly what I needed.

I opted to get the Lily Jade Elizabeth Diaper Bag. It is one of their larger sized bags, but can be carried backpack style or traditionally, over one arm. I LOVE having options when carrying a bag so this was a perfect option for me!

The quality of my Lily Jade bag blew me away. Lily Jade uses premium grade leathers. They tumble the full grain leather to bring out the texture instead of sanding and stamping a pattern. No two bags are exactly the same. Lily Jade bags are made to last! All stitching is detailed and reinforced. When I took the bag out of the box, I got the most amazing whiff of real leather scent. Having grown up with horses, this is a smell I know well and I know means quality.

It is safe to say that the cost of a Lily Jade Bag is well worth it for the amazing quality bag that you are purchasing. Now lets talk about space! The bag is huge on the inside and contains so many pockets! So perfect for bottles and drinks on the go as well as snacks, diapers, change of clothes, wipes, you name it! The bag comes with a soft diaper bag insert so you can quickly add and remove your child's things for different outings. I love that is quickly and easily accommodates what I am doing!

If those reasons aren't all enough, check out all of the bag options for yourself!! Check out the Lily Jade site yourself! I promise, you will love this bag as much as I have!