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Nano Well Beings - The Intelligent Wellness App

* This is a sponsored post by Nano. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Nano Premium Quarterly Box

Let's take a moment to talk health. It is without a doubt, what we live by. Unhealthy lifestyles lead to shorter lifespan, worse quality of life and can inevitably be handed down to our children. If you had the opportunity to take more control of sharing your health information and taking charge over it, wouldn't you?

I think the answer is simple, YES! In comes Nano Wellness App! We are anxiously awaiting the release, but in the meantime, why don't we talk about what it is all about! Nano App is an intelligent health an well-being network designed to support you and those you care for! Here is some ways it accomplishes that:

  • It is not just an app, but a community -
    • With Well-Beings, you are able to join groups tailored to the issues that matter with you and connect with others! For me this will come in so handy for my hive and autoimmune issues!
  • Trustworthy resources tailored to you!
    •  Ever curious about topic affecting your personal health and wellness? Let them take care of the research for you!
  • Family history -
    • Ever wonder what it all means and how it affects your health or future health? You can easily create your own Nano (shareable snapshot) that you can share with other family members and doctors. 
  • Health Profile -
    • Your personal health information that can be securely stored! Keep doctors records, test results, you name it, all in one secure place! (SO NEEDED FOR ME) Even manage your entire family!
  • Personalized health -
    • Specific recommendations for your personalized health, interest and goals.  
  • So Much More!!!
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What does Nano Premium included? A Quarterly Nano Well-Being box! It includes the best products to support your health and wellness! 
Take a look at what my box included!!

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