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Toy Gifts 2019

*Some of these toys were gifted to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

With Christmas around the corner, checking off Christmas lists can be a bit frantic. Every year, I struggle with toy ideas for my kids so I decided to put together a some of my favorite toys. Hope you enjoy! (These are in no particular order)

  •  Hape Wooden Toys - Sold in multiple stores, they are easy to find and have tons of wonderful options. Their toys are easily filtered by age range which makes it really easy to find toys suitable for the desired age group. They have large and small toys which covers gift giving of any size. 

  •  Toy Box Monthly - Why not keep the gifts coming all year? Toy Box Monthly is an amazing toy subscription box. They are delivered monthly and geared for children between 4 and 8. You can pick boys, girls or mixed boxes and the price is only $23 per month with FREE shipping!

  •  Owl Crate - Another wonderful subscription box option, but this one gives the gift of reading. Reading is such an important part of our family dynamic so this one is really exciting for me! We were sent the September "Legends of the Deep" themed box and LOVE it. I am including a photo that shows the contents - 2 books, tea bags, a cute fish tea steeper, and a few other fun goodies. Each box contains 4-6 goodies and is geared towards kids 8-12 years old of any gender. The subscription is $27.99 monthly (with discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month prepayments) and shipped world wide (with the exception of Peru, Mexico and Iran). 

  •  WowWee - Baby Sharked out yet? Me too, but my kids sure aren't. WowWee has ALL of the Baby Shark options your family could ever want! They even have shark stuffed animals that sing the Baby Shark song to you!
  •  Just Play Products - If you don't know what Ryan's World or PJ Masks is, are you even a parent. Just Kidding! Or am I? My kids are OBSESSED with them and Just Play Products has them both plus so many other options including Mickey Mouse. On top of that? They are in every Walmart and Target I have ever set foot in!

  •  Octopus Watch by Joy - A smart watch for kids that helps and is cost friendly! It is a win win. It not only helps with time managements and responsibility, the Octopus watch also has a fitness tracker. Check out their website for purchase options and be shocked at how friendly the cost is!

  •  Basic Fun - So many amazingly fun options from them! Cutetitos (stuffed animal burritos), mini PacMan arcade style games and Frozen II snow globes are just a few of our favorite options from them! And yes, I said PacMan, so feel free to check out the other mini arcade games for yourself!

  •  My B Toys - Honestly, you probably already own several of these! I know we did before I even discovered the toy company. These quircky, fun toys are made in 100% recycled packaging which is one of my favorite aspects of these toys. Anything that helps our world a bit makes me feel so much better!

I could put a million more options, but I think these are definitely more than enough! Hope this helps y'all out!!

- Laura